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’10 Dylan’s Ghost “The Beast”

Dylan’s Ghost Wines

Dylan's Ghost Wines
Dylan’s Ghost Wines

I am revisiting a tasting and review of Dylan’s Ghost wines from June of 2014. Joseph Carr is the producer and the Winemaker is Aaron Potts. Aaron was named Winemaker of the Year for Napa Valley in 2012. Pretty great resume if you know wine and the incredible folks that make this nectar of the gods!

“I hold a beast, an angel and a madman in me… and my effort is their self-expression.” -Dylan Thomas-

I am a big fan of Joseph Carr, and he has an exciting portfolio of wines from easy to drink Rose’ to big bold reds that really get your attention. I am an even bigger fan of Aaron Potts.

Aaron Potts has worked with the true legends in Bordeaux including Michael Rolland. He was Winemaker for Château Troplong Mondot and Château La Tour Figeac Grand Cru Classé St. Emilion. In 2001 he returned to Napa to become the Winemaker at St. Clement and later in 2004 as GM and Winemaker at Quintessa. I love his thoughts on winemaking;

“I think I’m looking for what existed in Napa before the late ’90s,” he says. “All these artificially concentrated, superfruity wines are a bit boring. I’ve tasted so many great, older Napa wines, and I always wonder, why aren’t we making these wines anymore?” -Aaron Potts-

2010 Dylan’s Ghost Stags Leap Vineyard


2010 The Beast from Joseph Carr
’10 The Beast from Joseph Carr

This is a deep dark and brooding wine in the glass. In fact it is bordering on inky, most likely because of content of Petit Sirah. The blend is 1/3 each of Cab Franc, Merlot, and Petit Sirah.

The Beast is a BIG WINE, so if you are looking for an easy to drink pinot noir this is not your wine!

Aromas of sweet raspberry, plum, vanilla, mushroom, bacon, and hints of cinnamon.

The Beast is a full body red wine with immediate notes of rich plum and blackberry, rolling into black fruits and raspberry. The flavors seem to change again as I swish it back and forth in my mouth, with flavors evolving into a long finish of crisp apple-smoked bacon and raw cinnamon that go on and on after swallowing.

Med heavy tannins that will mellow in the coming years.

Though lacking somewhat in acidity, it is still a real quality wine that I feel will improve with 2-5 years in bottle, and should age well in the next 10-15. In fact, I wish I had another bottle to compare notes in 10-12 years.

This wine would match perfect with Grilled red meats such as Pork Chops, Steak, Smoked Brisket, or especially Pulled Pork!

The Beast retails for around $48 and can be found at Wine Seacher here

NOTE: Check out my review of the Hell Hollow and the incredible Rose’ Angel from older post dated June 2014.

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