Chill Wine Quickly

How to quickly chill wine

Rose is made for Summer!
Rose is made for Summer!

Did you ever need to chill down a bottle of wine quickly? If you have not visited Texas in July I am sure you have heard…  it is warm (no hot!) in Texas during the summer months. I understand many of our close friends drink red wine year round and rarely consume white wines. Unless we are grilling steaks or smoking a brisket, Margie and I drink white or chilled rose wine almost exclusively during the warm summer months.

I am a “red wine in winter & white or rose wine in summer” kind of guy!

Picture this: One of our close friends call to ask if it is ok to “drop-by” to say hello and catch up with us. They know they are always welcome, and we ALWAYS have great wine at our home. Even though I have 3 wine fridges with one dedicated to white wines only that is set at 45-F, it seems the bottle of white wine I want to drink is not in the white wine fridge. Or we have one in the white wine fridge to open and pour, but that is only 4 glasses per bottle so we need another bottle chilled quickly!

Here is the solution: Wet a dish towel with water until it is wet but not dripping. Wrap it around the bottle of wine. Then put the wrapped bottle in the freezer. In10-15 minutes your bottle of wine will chill to a perfect 42-45 degrees and good to pour!

Why this works: The freezer alone will chill wine. But the wetness of the towel conducts and holds the coldness better, therefore it will chill the wine inside quicker!

I hope you enjoy this quick tip to chill wine. I will be adding this feature from time to time to assist you in enjoying your wine even more. So stop by often for new content!

Thank you for reading the ramblings of the Texas Wineaux, and please leave a comment below!

Terry Hill is the Texas Wineaux!


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